Continuosly Monitor Rock Stress

AMS Solutions provides real-time, predictive, induced rock stress monitoring and analysis for underground mines.

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Rock Stress Monitoring

Monitor rock stress for increased safety and productivity

AMS predict’s rock mass events based on stress buildups in the surrounding rock mass. The data is collected and analysed in real time to make predictions for safer underground working environments, better mine planning and to avoid any collateral damages.

Improve safety
Our patent pending REMOS algorithm makes it possible to see where the rock is collapsing even before the event occurs.
Increase yield
More ore out of the mine with stope optimization.
Plan better
Situational awareness gives the opportunity to plan beforehand.

Stress induced failures are dangerous

AMS is a system for induced rock stress monitoring
Together with you we create a plan for optimal rock stress monitoring process. Our method can work with  smart bolts capable of monitoring strain or displacement, as well as every extensometer on the market. This means  you may already have under utilized sensors in your mine.
We work together with you to choose the best locations for the instruments. After hardware is installed, data pipeline from the sensors to our proprietary dashboard is handled by us. In addition to our ready to use dashboard we provide API to access the processed data for integration with your own mine management system.
Sensor data is processed in real time around the clock at 99.9% uptime. Access to rock-stress situation is normally through our device and location independent dashboard. You can create thresholds for safe stress level, as well as receive warnings for bad signal from the sensors or exceeding safe limits.
Monitoring and predicting rock mass behaviour with patent pending AMS method means that you can utilize data to define hazardous areas, or prevent events by improving ground reinforcement. This leads to increased safety of the mine personnel, infrastructure and equipment.
The estimate

With basic data of mine we create estimate of the required data and range of possibilities. Estimate is always free of charge.

Your requirements

Together with you we create a specification of the requirements, as well as plan for installation and monitoring.

Testing ANd Installing

We test the system with syntethic data before hardware installation. When real-data starts to flow, system goes through comprehensive trial run.

System launch

We provide access to 24/7 rock-stress dashboard for your mine. Monitoring continues as long as intstruments stay intact, up to several years.

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Rock burst event on average causes $2 million in damages. Our method can prevent them. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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